If you are looking for a low-cost, complete and quality Korean beauty routine, at Planet Skin we have created one that includes the 10 steps, but remember that you can always adjust it depending on your needs. Do you want to know it? Keep reading!

Are you one of those who think that Korean cosmetics are expensive? That's an assumption that couldn't be further from the truth! (and a few days ago we talked about it on our Instagram account ). If you are on a tight budget, bookmark or save this post with our low-cost Korean beauty routine recommendation .

We know that Korean cosmetics and its 10-step routine are increasingly present in our society. With this routine, the dream of having healthy and beautiful skin for Korean women is more achievable. Thanks to the culture and study of skin care in Korea, many brands have been born and allow us to obtain high quality at affordable prices. That has precisely been one of the success factors of Korean cosmetics.

If you are looking for a low-cost , complete and quality Korean beauty routine, at Planet Skin we have created one that includes the 10 steps, but remember that you can always adjust it depending on your needs. Do you want to know it? Keep reading!


First step of the Korean double cleansing ! Helps eliminate superficial oil, makeup residue and any other impurities from the face.

SUPER OFF CLEANSING OIL DUST OFF one of our favorite cleansing oils from Missha. It contains almond and tea tree oil which makes it special for sensitive skin. It effectively removes the most resistant makeup and removes impurities from the skin. ! What are you waiting to try it?


Second step of the double facial cleansing and one of the most important. It helps finish the cleansing by removing sweat and traces of pollution from our face.

EGG-ZYME WHIPPED FOAM ideal. It is a cleansing, purifying, antibacterial and hypoallergenic facial foam. Its peculiarity lies in the enzyme extracted from egg white, lysozyme, which improves the appearance of the skin, leaving it visibly healthier. You can find it on our website for 8.45 euros.


It is a deeper cleaning that eliminates dead cells and impurities. Remember to do it once or twice a week (depending on your skin type). You will love CERANOLIN PEELING TONER . This peeling It is formulated with bergamot oil, has antibacterial properties, soothes the face, restoring its vitality and improving the texture of the complexion.


This step is very important because it helps balance the PH of the skin so that the rest of the products penetrate and are more effective. Don't leave it out in a low-cost Korean beauty routine !

GREENTEA BHA CLEAR TONER has soothing and moisturizing properties thanks to its ingredients such as green tea and snail slime. In addition, it softens the skin by helping to eliminate dead cells thanks to the BHA acid (0.5%)


One of the great secrets of Korean women and that we recommend including in your low-cost Korean beauty routine . It has a concentrate of active ingredients that multiply the results of the treatments that are applied afterwards.

With this low-cost Korean essence you will be amazed! SUPER CERAMIDE ESSENCE is highly hydrating and nourishing that illuminates the skin and fights wrinkles. The perfect product for your beauty routine!


This step is a facial treatment with a high content of highly concentrated active ingredients. It is perfect for specifically treating different skin problems that concern us!

HELL PORE BIFIDA PURE AMPLE one of the most revolutionary serums now for €14.90! This brand could not be left out of our low-cost Korean beauty routine because its products have high quality at a very affordable price and with totally charming packaging.

This serum is formulated with 100% lysed bifid ferment, it has a powerful anti-aging effect, balances the skin, helps deeply hydrate and improves elasticity to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It's on another level! !


Facial masks have become the icon of Korean cosmetics. There are masks for all skin types and with different types of treatments. They can be anti-wrinkle, firming, soothing, moisturizing, etc... The possibilities and ingredients are endless and we assure you that there is a specific one for each skin type.

One of our top low-cost Korean masks is PURE SKIN ESSENCE MASK SHEET COLLAGEN by Esfolio . It contains highly concentrated essence based on hydrolyzed collagen that helps strengthen and increase skin elasticity.


The eye contour area deserves special attention. It is up to 5 times thinner and more delicate than that of the rest of the body! What if we told you that there are eye contour patches that provide vitality and luminosity to the skin while firming it and helping to combat the signs of aging?

PANDA HYDROGEL EYE PATCH GOLD eye patches are formulated with gold extract and hydrolyzed collagen . Ideal for dry skin! These patches are an essential part of our low-cost Korean beauty routine. because they contain 30 pairs of patches for €14.90, that is, less than €1 for each pair. You have to try them!


Our favorite step that cannot be missed in your Korean beauty routine . There are thousands of textures and ingredients to choose from depending on the type of skin you have and its needs.

What if we told you that there is a low cost anti-aging facial cream ? Yes, there is! ARGAN RICH CREAM is a facial cream with argan extract that provides hydration and vitamin E to the skin.


Remember: Protecting yourself from the sun all year round is one of the great secrets of Korean cosmetics. This step is for exclusive use in the daily beauty routine.

One of our favorite Korean cosmetics is ALL AROUND SAFE BLOCK DAILY SUN SPF50+ PA++++. It keeps the skin matte throughout the day and manages to calm the skin, revitalize it and act as a protective barrier against external aggressions. Only for €14.90! Just what you needed!

Did you know the products in this low-cost Korean beauty routine ? Adjust the number of steps and products to the needs of your skin, time and, no less important, your budget.

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