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Eye contour Some By Mi Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream 30ml

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Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream

Anti-aging cream for the eye contour, specially designed to improve dark circles and expression lines, thanks to its formulation that contains 0.1% retinol, retinal and bakuchiol, the plant retinol. In addition, it contains niacinamide to provide luminosity and hyaluronic acid and panthenol for intense hydration. Also, thanks to plant collagen and peptides, they help collagen production, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and bags and improving skin elasticity.

Suitable for all skin types.


Benefits of Some By Mi's Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream

  • It helps improve 6 types of wrinkles in different areas of the face if you use it as a localized treatment: around the eyes, between the eyebrows, forehead, lips, nasolabial folds and neck.
  • Treats dark circles and provides luminosity
  • Improves elasticity and firmness, improving the appearance of bags
  • Dermatologically tested. Formulated without 20 types of harmful ingredients
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Results in 2 weeks

Korean routine step

1. Oil cleanser

2. Aqueous cleaner

3. Exfoliant

4. Tonic

5. Mask

6. Essence

7. Serum/ Ampoule

8. Eye contour

9. Moisturizing cream or emulsion

10. Night mask/sunscreen

How to use

How to use Some By Mi Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream

After cleansing and toning, apply an appropriate amount to the tip of your ring finger and spread with gentle touches around the eye (only in the bone area) until absorbed or in the areas with wrinkles that you want to treat.
Before starting to use it, it is recommended to apply it to a small area such as the inside of the arm to check the irritation it may cause to your skin.

If you have never used retinol before, the ideal is to gradually increase its application so that the skin adapts. The first and second week, use it one night and gradually increase it in the following weeks.

In case of sensitive skin, you may experience redness or flaky skin when using for the first time. However, it is a natural skin renewal process. (We recommend using a generous amount of soothing cream)

As retinol is sensitive to light and heat, it is recommended to use the product at night and when using it during the day, always use sunscreen after applying retinol.



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