Missha Chogongjin Sosaeng Jin Cream 60ml

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Missha Chogongjin Sosaeng Jin Cream

Anti-aging facial cream that provides the skin with a feeling of hydration and vitality, as well as improving its elasticity. Its main ingredient is Gongjin™, a rich blend of oriental herbs that provides an intense nourishing treatment and calms the skin. Contains Red Ginseng extract that deeply nourishes and moisturizes. Thanks to oriental root extracts and fermented collagen that restores the skin barrier, treats signs of aging and skin damage and recharges the skin with energy.

Ideal for mature, tired and dry skin, suitable even for sensitive skin.


Benefits of Chogongjin Sosaeng Jin Cream by Missh a

  • Anti-aging

  • Nutrition and hydration

  • Strengthens the skin barrier

  • Fight wrinkles

  • Improves elasticity

  • Soothes the skin

  • Revitalizes

  • Provides luminosity

How to use

How to use Chogongjin Sosaeng Jin Cream by Missha

As the last step of the routine, apply to the face, massaging gently until completely absorbed.



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