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Hello :) Quret Friends Mask [Variety 10 Pack]

Set of 10 masks to give your skin extra care during the Christmas season when events pile up and we want to look perfect.

Composed of different treatments so that you cover all your skin's needs:

- Egg: formulated with egg yolk extract that revitalizes, hydrates and improves firmness and elasticity.


- Avocado : formulated with avocado extracts that provide abundant hydration, revitalize the skin and improve elasticity.

- Banana: formulated with banana extract that evens tone, provides luminosity and moisturizes.

- Cactus: formulated with cactus extracts that hydrates, provides firmness, calms irritations and redness and combats aging.

- Watermelon: formulated with watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid that hydrate and soothe.


Benefits of the Hello :) Quret Friends Mask set by Quret

- Revitalizes

- Moisturizes

- Improves firmness and elasticity

- Unifies tone and illuminates

- Calm

- Anti-aging

How to use

How to use Hello :) Quret Friends Mask by Quret

After facial cleansing and toner, apply the mask. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes and remove. Massage the remaining essence until completely absorbed.


10 pcs

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