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Pretty Skin Rose Lip Patch 50gr

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Pretty Skin Rose Lip Patch

Hydrogel lip patches. Formulated with rose extract that cares not only for the lip area, but also for the skin around the lips.


Benefits of lip patches Rose Lip Patch by Pretty Skin

  • Hydrogel formulation that provides an instant refreshing sensation with a high adhesive on the skin.
  • With a calming and refreshing effect that relieves excess heat on the lips.
  • Hydrated lips with a juicy effect
  • Castor oil provides lighting and elasticity.
  • Contains allantoin that activates tissues.
  • Formula with betaine for greater hydration.
  • Niacinamide to improve skin tone.
  • Honey extract that nourishes and gives a touch of vitality.
  • Sophora extract to revitalize.

How to use

How to use Rose Lip Patch by Pretty Skin

Apply a patch to clean, dry lips and leave it on for 15 minutes. Remove and let the essence absorb into your lips.



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