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Pretty Skin Strong & Fast Foot Peeling Foot Mask 40ml

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Pretty Skin Strong & Fast Foot Peeling

Sock-shaped foot peeling mask to exfoliate dead cells, ideal for rough and cracked feet.


Benefits of the foot mask Strong & Fast Foot Peeling by Pretty Skin

  • Prevents feet from cracking and hardening.
  • Leaves feet hydrated and soft.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • They eliminate dead cells, resulting in hydrated and crack-free feet.

How to use

How to use Pretty Skin Strong & Fast Foot Peeling

Divide the mask in two with scissors. With your feet clean and dry, roll a mask on each foot with a sticker to hold it tightly on the ankle. Remove them after 30 minutes and clean your feet with warm water. In about 4-6 days, dead cells will begin to fall off your feet. Do not try to pull them off and let them fall off on their own. Feet will be hydrated and soft.



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