Muldream Vegan Green Mild HYALURON sos mask face mask

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Vegan Green Mild HYALURON sos mask

Vegan mask ideal for dry and sensitive skin, but with an oily appearance in the U zone (includes the mandibular angles, neck and perioral area).

Hyaluronic acid repairs and prevents premature aging of the skin. Contains HA COMPLEX, which soothes dry skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and aids in the healing process. Sunflower Oil is rich in vitamin E and caffeic acid protects, soothes and regenerates the skin.

Madecassoside and Asiaticoside provide a calming, healing effect and promote collagen production.

Tea Tree acts as a powerful antibacterial. Helps control sebum production, minimizing acne breakouts.

VEGAN AND ANIMAL CRUELTY-FREE COSMETIC – No parabens, no oil, no silicone, no dyes, no alcohol, no PEG, formulated from plants.


- Reduces expression lines and wrinkles.

- Calming effect.

- Healing.

- Controls sebum production.

How to use

After cleansing and toning, adjust the mask and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then remove and massage lightly with your fingertips until completely absorbed.

Tip: Chill the mask in the refrigerator 10 minutes before use to achieve a greater sensation of freshness on the complexion.



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