Korean Beauty Routine

If you still don't know the Korean beauty routine , it's time for you to approach our quality cosmetics . In addition, body beauty routines provide you with the skin care you need. Get beauty treatments for men and women . To see a quick result, follow an order of steps to make your skin look younger and younger.

What are beauty routines?

It is the ideal time for you to learn what Korean beauty routines are . These are based on the use of products and the specific order in which they must be applied in order to achieve incredible effects.

The secret is to use them daily , that is, periodically , since it is the only way to stay young . Through them you will see how easy it is to cleanse the skin and take a few years off or, where appropriate, prevent epidermal aging. Get closer to Korean cosmetics and discover how wonderful it is.

Characteristics of Korean routines

Knowing all the characteristics of Korean routines will guarantee your unique skin firmness . Keep in mind that we are talking about an ancient tradition that uses natural products of Asian origin.

Depending on the part of the body you are going to treat, you must pay attention to certain differences that will mark its care. This beauty treatment needs to be applied day and night . Although it may be a bit long, you will see how it is worth it, since you get many benefits in terms of your epidermal health.

Your skin gains youthfulness thanks to the fact that it receives proper hydration that gives it softness . In addition, their products are perfect anti-wrinkles that help combat stretch marks and roughness .

Types of Korean beauty routines

You must know the different types of Korean routines , ideal for each part of the body . Keep in mind that Korean cosmetics are indicated for all skin types in order to give you the best individualized treatment.

Don't forget that, to get that youth you are looking for, you have to follow some steps , which may differ depending on the part of the body you are treating.

Short Korean Beauty Routine

Body beauty routine

Let's start with the Korean body routine , which will help you with stretch marks until you notice the firmness of the skin you require.

Thus, to combat cellulite , first apply body oil to moisturize the area and then exfoliate. Through a light massage, you activate blood circulation and make these epidermal signs disappear.


The Korean facial routine is known by the 10 steps that must be followed. These provide you with the best care for your face and lips , in addition to serving as an excellent acne treatment .

Achieve deep hydration by following the three steps we indicated above, in addition to using a toner and one of the popular Korean scented essences. With the application of a serum and the subsequent regenerating mask, you will enjoy soft skin.

By giving a few gentle touches you can apply the eye contour . The next thing will be to hydrate the skin again to finish with a sunscreen. This way you will be ready to go out and show off a porcelain face. You can do this treatment once a week.

Neck and neckline

The Korean routine for neck and décolleté is very simple. In itself, you must follow the steps that we indicate with the difference of the type of cream you choose.

In this case, opt for those indicated for this part of the body, which allow you to present a very sensual part of yourself. After the serum, don't forget the appropriate moisturizer and a special anti-wrinkle product.

Hands and feet

The Korean routine for hands and feet is very important, since these areas of the body are usually constantly exposed to inclement weather, especially the hands.

Nor can we ignore the care of the ankles , as well as the calluses and stains that can extend to the instep and heel area. Good hydration and timely massage during exfoliation will restore good blood circulation to your lower extremities.


In the Korean hair routine you will need to perform 4 essential steps. The first consists of exfoliating the scalp through a massage that allows the blood to irrigate properly.

The second step involves massaging the hair again, from the roots, with the help of a specialized shampoo .

Then, in the third step, you must brush properly using a good conditioner.

The fourth step is to nourish your hair with the help of an oil and a suitable mask . Finally, in order to prevent hair loss, you can always apply treatments rich in vitamins from the roots.

For men

The Korean routine for men is based on specific care , which does not differ much from feminine care, only in small aspects.

The male gender must carry out 6 steps. The first is to keep your face washed, both day and night, before going to sleep. If you usually shave, use a special toner for your skin type.

The third step is based on the use of a specific serum to treat the epidermal imperfections you present. For the fourth you should apply a moisturizer and sunscreen every day. Afterwards, the exfoliant, which you can apply every two days, will cleanse your skin. Finally, apply acetylsalicylic acid to achieve the softness you are looking for.

Beauty products for Korean routines

You've already gotten an idea of ​​the beauty products you need for Korean routines : from creams to serums . You must find one specific for your skin, as well as emulsions and toners .

Choose from several essential oils that we have for you. Opt for tea tree oil , which will give you great freshness. Don't forget the moisturizer and sunscreen , in addition to the cleansing oil , to keep your skin young and strengthen your hair .

We have quality products indicated to obtain maximum protection , for morning and night . Your skin's needs will be met if you follow this routine.

Bet on the Korean facial routine and achieve younger, more cared for skin. Follow the 10-step Korean routine with our quality products .