How to eliminate bags and dark circles from the eyes?

They say that the look is the mirror of the soul and we know that you have it beautiful, although bags and dark circles sometimes prove the opposite.

The eye contour is key to showing off a young, pretty and happy look, and that is why it causes us so many headaches.

One thing we have to be very clear about, the skin in this area is much thinner than that of the rest of the body, in addition to containing less collagen and on top of that there are 22 muscles that do not stop moving it is very important to take good care of this area. such a delicate area.

Are you worried about taking care of this area of ​​the face? Pay attention, because with this super guide your eyes will scream how well you do it!

What are dark circles and bags?

Although dark circles and bags are some of the biggest concerns , as you well know, they are different things:

The dark circles

They are the darkening of the area around the eyes that, being so thin, the veins underneath can be seen or turn brown due to pigmentation.

The bags

They are lumps in the lower part of the eyes due to the fatty tissues from the lower part of the eye passing to the front, or due to fluid accumulation.

What cause dark circles and eye bags?

Although dark circles and bags are different, the reasons that cause them are the same:

  1. Fluid retention: this occurs especially when you wake up or because your body does not expel all the fluid it should, it may be that you eat too much salt in your meals.
  2. Lack of sleep: by not resting as we should, we wake up paler, allowing the capillaries under the very thin skin to be seen more easily. In addition, blood circulation is slower and fluids accumulate, creating bags.
  3. Bad habits: smoking, consuming alcohol or poor diet greatly influence the appearance of both problems.
  4. Genetics: if your grandparents or parents suffer from dark circles or bags, it is very possible that you will inherit them.
  5. Age: as we age, our skin loses collagen and the area around the eyes even becomes thinner, making it easier to suffer from dark circles, bags and wrinkles.
  6. Do not protect yourself from the sun: as we have said many times, the skin in this area is much thinner. Therefore, you must always apply sun protection, since when the skin is not protected from the sun, it produces a dark pigment called melanin that can cause dark circles.

Types of dark circles and bags

The first thing to do to know how to eliminate them is to detect the type of dark circles or bags you have. Here are the main types of both:

Types of dark circles

Temporary dark circles: these are the most common since their bluish tone disappears with a little rest.

Pigmented dark circles: These are usually brown or black dark circles and are due to an increase in melanin in the skin in that area. It is usually due to genetics or hormonal changes.

Vascular dark circles: They are blue or purple and as their name indicates, they are caused by the dilation of blood vessels, which can even be seen on light skin. The causes are usually stress, fatigue and bad habits.

Dark circles: These are sunken dark circles normally caused by aging and the loss of fat and collagen that it entails.

Types of bags

Bags due to excess fat: Fat accumulates in that area, it could be due to genetics, hormonal changes... but they are harder than the others.

Bags due to fluid retention: This area of ​​the face drains less and therefore, if you have problems with fluid retention, it is normal for them to remain there forming bags. They can also be due to taking a lot of salt, tiredness or bad habits, but we will know that they are of this type because the bags are more swollen.

Bags due to excess skin: They arise due to the loss of firmness and collagen due to age.

How to prevent bags and dark circles?

If you were looking for some tricks or tips to combat bags and dark circles , pay attention!

  • Always remove your makeup : it is very important to keep your skin clean so that when you apply the products you achieve better results.

  • Use an eye contour cream : it is a treatment with a more powerful formula than your facial cream and is designed to regenerate and repair the skin in the area around the eyes. It is ideal for improving the appearance of dark circles, bags and expression lines.

  • A great option is to choose your eye contour product with a metal applicator , as it will help you massage it well and if you put it in the refrigerator, you will achieve a greater effect.

  • Applyeye patches : If you are looking for a more intensive treatment, apply them daily for a month in the mornings and then reduce their use to once a week. You will be amazed by the change!

  • Store the cream and patches for this area in the refrigerator , since the cold will have a decongestant effect that will calm and reduce inflammation in the area.

  • Always sleep on your back and with your head a little higher than your feet, this way you will ensure that fewer bags form.

  • It is very important to apply sun protection in this area so that it is always protected and does not darken.

  • Choose the ingredients of your products depending on your needs, if what you want is to illuminate you can choose pearl or gold, but if what you want to treat are the bags, your ideal ingredient is charcoal.

Have you already discovered what type of bags and dark circles yours are? We hope we have helped you!

And if you have any questions, ask us and we will be happy to advise you ;)

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