How to remove spots from your face?

Blemishes on the skin are very common, since it is an area of ​​the body that is highly exposed to external agents. The problem is that they appear very easily, but it is quite difficult to eliminate them, although it is not impossible!

Something essential to be able to remove spots from the face is to know what caused them, thus knowing the type of spot it is and its treatment. Keep reading because we tell you how to forget about them and show off a unified and great skin tone.

Causes of facial spots

The main causes why most people suffer from spots on their face are these, discover the reason why they have appeared on your skin:

    • Sun: hyperpigmentation caused by repeated exposure to the sun
    • Acne: inflammatory hyperpigmentation that after fighting acne can appear as dark spots. However, after removing granite, being left with a stain is the last thing we want. Therefore in our blog HOW TO REMOVE ACNE FROM YOUR FACE? We tell you the solution to combat spots caused by acne.
    • Age: they occur because over the years our skin loses collagen, which is essential to reduce spots and hyperpigmentation.
    • Hormonal influences: due to pregnancy or taking the contraceptive pill, hormonal spots may appear on the face.
    • Bad diet and habits

How to remove spots from your face?

The most important thing is consistency , since it is not a change that happens overnight. But if you persist and include these steps in your routine you will have incredible results:

1. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week:

We recommend exfoliating your skin to remove dead cells and contribute to skin regeneration. In addition, it will leave your face perfect so that the anti-blemish treatments you use achieve the best results .

When exfoliating, keep the following recommendations in mind depending on your skin type:

If you have acne, do not use mechanical exfoliants (scrub type) as you could spread them to other areas of the face.

The more oily it is, the frequency at which you perform this step will increase, but always be careful not to overexfoliate it .

The best exfoliants to remove blemishes from your face are those that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). This is because they gradually separate the dead cells that bind together, showing skin with a unified tone and without blemishes.

2. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is the ingredient par excellence to combat skin blemishes , since its benefits are innumerable.

It acts as an anti-aging treatment by increasing the production of collagen which, as we have indicated before, greatly influences skin spots, providing luminosity, etc.

But above all, it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, preventing spots from appearing , in addition to unifying the skin tone by combating existing ones.

3. Sun protection:

The essential step that you have to carry out yes or yes is to apply sun protection daily (rain or sunshine) because in addition to preventing skin aging, it also prevents spots.

It is very important to reapply it every two hours or when necessary, wearing makeup is no excuse since you have a multitude of formats that you can take with you wherever you prefer and use them without problem.

How to choose the perfect sun protection for my skin?

Sometimes when it comes to buying sunscreen we have doubts about which one to choose because we don't really understand all the letters and numbers that appear on the packaging and we just want to shout: Help!

And since it's not worth ruining a great sunny day by not using cream, choose the best one for your skin and enjoy the warmth!

What is SPF or SPF?

The Sun Protection Factor is the indicator of the products' protection capacity against UV radiation. The higher, the greater protection .

We can talk about low protection when the SPF ranges between 6 and 10, medium: 15-25, high: 30-50 and very high: 50+.

What do the PA signs on Korean sunscreens mean?

It is the Asian rating system that represents the amount of UVA protection of the sunscreen.

Pa+: low protection for 2-4 hours

Pa++: moderate protection for 4-8 hours

Pa+++: high protection for more than 8 hours

Pa++++: extremely high protection for more than 16 hours

Best ingredients to even out skin tone and brighten it

Attention! Here are some of the most effective ingredients (aside from vitamin C and AHA) that you need to include in your beauty routine to prevent and eliminate blemishes:

  • Retinol: powerful anti-aging and anti-blemish derived from vitamin A.
  • Rice: contains vitamin B3, perfect for lightening skin spots, unifying tone and providing a more radiant and luminous appearance.
  • Galactomyces: type of fungus with anti-aging effect, controls sebum, reduces the appearance of pores, illuminates and evens tone.
  • Snail slime: it has anti-aging properties and is a great regenerator, making it ideal for combating spots.
  • Niacinamide: it is anti-inflammatory, anti-blemish as it improves the texture and tone of the skin and reduces expression lines.

  • Now you know the reasons that cause spots to appear on your face, the ingredients necessary to combat them and the importance of products that you should include in your routine, it's time to show off unified, luminous and perfect skin!

    It's worth getting to work, right?

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