To have beautiful and, more importantly, healthy skin, it is necessary to follow a proper facial care routine. As you know, the Korean facial routine consists of ten steps that go from cleansing to the most intense treatment. But what is it based on? In layering, that is, in skin care in layers, starting from the deepest to the most superficial.

The essences:

It is one of the products of Korean cosmetics and is very little known in the West. However, it is a really effective treatment that provides many benefits to the skin. Although it can sometimes be confused with toner or serums, it has nothing to do with it. The function of the essence is to multiply by two the effectiveness of the treatments that follow. In addition, it performs a gentle exfoliation that gradually removes dead cells and provides short-term hydration.

When is an essence applied?

Do we know in which step we should apply the essence? The correct order within the routine would be after the toner and before the serum.

The serum:

The serum or serum is a facial treatment with a high content of active ingredients and all of them in a high concentration. Its texture is much lighter than that of a cream or even an emulsion and, in this way, it penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, thus achieving intensive care. Compared to a cream, it is a much more sensory treatment and more effective.

When is the serum applied?

Within the facial care routine, the serum would be an intermediate step between the essence and the facial treatment cream. Since it has such a light texture, a small amount of product will be enough to apply all over the face. In addition, you should not forget to also apply the treatment to your neck. But how do you know if you are applying the appropriate amount? When you apply more product than you should, what happens is that small balls appear on the skin. If this happens, use less product.

Are both necessary?

Surely after reading this post you are wondering if it is really necessary to include both in your beauty routine. The answer yes. This is because, as we have told you, each one has a function and they are complementary and not exclusive treatments. The serum and essence have a different purpose and act on different layers of the skin as well as treating different needs of the face.

Use both for completely healthy and radiant skin!

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