What is facial toner for?

Among so many cosmetic products, it is normal that sometimes the doubt arises: what are the essential and mandatory steps that I would have to do every day?

Facial cleansing and hydration is basic, and I'm sure you won't skip it, but recognize something, do you usually use facial toner ?

For us it is essential, you have no idea how important facial toner is for the health of your skin and all the benefits it brings!

Since we want you to look and show off your incredible skin, we are going to tell you everything about this great product.

What is facial toner and what is it for?

Toner is the fourth step in the Korean routine and, generally speaking, it is a product that refreshes, hydrates and restores the skin's pH, closes the pores and helps balance and prepare the skin for the next steps.

Little by little we will review all its functions and you will see that you will become an unconditional lover of the tonic.

When you discover all the wonders it does for your skin, you will ask yourself: “ How could I live without using it? Forgive me, skin :( “

1. Balances the pH of the skin:

The pH of the skin varies depending on age, gender and area of ​​the body, it ranges from acidic to alkaline, ranging from 4.9 to 5.9 to be balanced. It is better to go towards the acidic (lower numbers) than towards the alkaline, since this irritates the skin a lot . Be careful, this interests you! The pH of pure water is 7 and when you wash your face as the first step in your routine, your skin becomes unbalanced and we don't want that... Therefore, it is necessary to use a toner that rebalances your skin and thus avoid acne breakouts, irritations or dermatitis.

2. Influences the following steps in the routine:

The toner has the superpower of preparing our skin so that the following products act better and thus have a more powerful treatment. That is, if you want to obtain the maximum benefit from each step, the tonic is your greatest ally to enhance it .

3. Treat pores:

Another function of facial toners is that they help reduce the size of pores, making them ideal for treating blackheads as we tell in our blog HOW TO REMOVE BLACKHEADS FROM YOUR FACE?

4. Specific treatment:

Are you looking for hydration, treating those pimples that have appeared from the mask, preventing wrinkles? Whatever problem you want to disappear from your skin, you can achieve it with the toner itself.

This is because, apart from all the wonders we have told you before, you can choose a specific one that treats what causes the most headaches for your skin.

How to apply facial toner?

Many times we wonder when to use facial toner and the answer is easy, you have to always apply it after cleansing! This way you prepare the skin for a good dose of pampering.

You have several options for how to apply the toner :

  • With the palm of your hands: It is our favorite, yes, always clean hands, please! The appropriate amount of toner is 5 drops and massage your face with pats so that it is absorbed. With this gesture you will also be helping to improve circulation and thus produce more collagen.

  • With a cotton pad: With a cotton pad, apply the product and apply it to the face, without rubbing too much, all with soft, upward movements. Your future skin will thank you for these small gestures.

In addition, there are several techniques that achieve incredible results such as:

  • There are toning pads or you can also soak a cotton pad with toner and apply it to a specific area that needs more hydration or other treatment.
  • The famous 7 skin method technique , which consists of applying the tonic 7 times , letting it dry after each layer to increase the level of moisture and hydration in your skin. We recommend that you try it because the change is amazing, we have done it and we have been left speechless.

With all this, we hope that you no longer believe that facial toner rinses off or that it is a facial cleanser. No, the toner is not part of the cleansing and does not have to be rinsed. It would be a shame to do it with all the properties it provides!

What is the best facial toner for my skin?

As in the rest of the steps of the routine, choosing a product that is suitable for your skin and addresses its needs is essential, which is why you will choose one facial toner or another:

Dry skin facial toner

The answer in your case is easy, the hydrating toner should be an essential part of your skincare routine. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides will provide your skin with the hydration it needs and with which you will combat aging.

Combination skin facial toner

You need a toner that contains ingredients that control sebum production without being too aggressive and that also provide hydration and vitality.Green tea and witch hazel are what your skin needs!

Oily skin facial toner

The ideal one for you will be one that controls sebum production and treats pores, for this reason those that contain acids are perfect for you due to their micro exfoliations.

Sensitive facial toner

It is essential that it be an alcohol-free, soothing and anti-inflammatory facial toner. Some ingredients that your toner should contain are gotu kola and calendula .

There are millions of options that will bring out the best version of your skin. So stop inventing and searching on Google how to make homemade facial toner. Including this product in your beauty routine is an investment that you and your skin will be grateful for, pay attention to us.

From now on, the tonic goes from optional to essential in your disconnection routine! Are you in?

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