What is Clean Beauty?

Lately the term “ clean” has invaded our lives, especially in the beauty sector. We can find it in TikTok trends where they teach you how to be a clean girl , which consists of a minimalist style with which to highlight natural beauty with a clean face makeup, instead of trying to change it or overload it. But it has also arrived to take cosmetics by storm.

And since the pandemic we are much more aware of taking care not only of ourselves but also of everything around us. This is why natural brands committed to the environment have been on the rise. Demand has forced the cosmetics sector to reinvent itself, since the needs and expectations of consumers have changed, now seeking products that are safer for their health and more respectful of their environment.

Clean Beauty

This is how the trending term Clean Beauty was born, which refers to the minimalism of the formulas , that is, the smallest possible number of ingredients. Although it also has to do with the use of natural ingredients and products that do not contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates, aluminum salts, dyes, or fragrances. That is, use the healthiest formulas for our skin , and it makes all the sense in the world, since the skin absorbs up to 60% of what we apply to it.

This cosmetics does not seek a perfect composition, 100% with natural ingredients or without preservatives, but rather to reduce as much as possible the toxins contained in the products we use daily in our routines and at the same time take care of the environment thanks to more sustainable packaging.

For example, some of the controversial ingredients that are reduced in clean cosmetics would be silicones, PEG, parabens or phthalates, since they can irritate the skin and be harmful over time.

Are Clean Beauty products better?

After reading the above, more than one would think that clean beauty products are obviously better , right? Well, it doesn't have to, 'clean' does not mean that the product is better, but rather that it has been made without ingredients of petrochemical or synthetic origin so they may not cause allergies or skin changes.

Why use Clean Beauty products?

The 8 reasons why more and more people use clean beauty products are several:

  1. Ideal for all skin types , even sensitive ones, as they do not contain problematic ingredients.
  2. They are safer for the skin as they contain fewer toxic ingredients.
  3. They do not cause irritation , rashes or itching.
  4. They take care of the environment since fewer resources are consumed.
  5. By replacing chemical and synthetic ingredients with organic ones, the skin regains its natural balance .
  6. The fragrances used are natural , providing aromatherapeutic properties.
  7. It does not cause eye irritation or allergies.
  8. The skin accepts them better .

The difference between clean beauty, natural cosmetics and vegan cosmetics

It is very common for these three terms to be confused; it is true that a clean beauty product can be vegan and natural or not. Since, for example, clean cosmetics may contain synthetic ingredients as long as the brand considers them safe, but in the case of natural products , no. So let's explain what each one is:

Natural cosmetics : it has a high concentration of natural ingredients (greater than 80%) in its formulation, such as tea tree or gotu kola.

Vegan cosmetics : its formula does not contain ingredients of animal origin such as snail slime or propolis, but that does not mean that it is cruelty free, that is, that it is not tested on animals.

In any case, it is important that you know that all Korean cosmetics are cruelty free because since 2018, Korean legislation requires that all cosmetic products must be made 100% free of animal cruelty during any phase of the creation process.

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