What are exosomes in cosmetics?

At the heart of the cosmetic revolution is cellular research, and exosomes They are the jewel in the crown. In Korea, as pioneers and always at the forefront of the latest in beauty, they have already begun to incorporate this technology into their products. So if you haven't heard of them yet, get ready because exosomes are the next beauty trend and at Planet Skin we tell you everything you need to know.

These extracellular vesicles transport messages between cells, triggering processes fundamental to the health and vitality of the skin. Imagine little cellular messengers working tirelessly to restore and revitalize!

Below we resolve some of the most frequently asked questions about exosomes.

Frequently asked questions about exomes

1-. What exactly does Exosome treatment consist of?

From a technical point of view, Exosomes are small vesicles, which come from living cells (in this case lactobacillus), with high content of proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. The main role of Exosomes in cosmetics is to effectively transport ingredients to the skin .

To define the Exosome in a single sentence we would say that “They are effective messengers between cells”.

In the case of cosmetics, Exosomes are specialized in activating the repair and regeneration mechanism of skin cells.

Until now, Exosome treatment is applied in aesthetic medicine through injections as a complementary treatment to laser to accelerate skin regeneration , that is, it is the treatment to accelerate the healing of damaged skin.

Korea, in its constant progress in research and development, has managed to isolate the Exosome of plant origin and achieve spectacular skin results through specialized cosmetics .

2-. Are they suitable for all skin types? Do they have any contraindications?

Exosomes have no known contraindications so far.

It is the ideal treatment for all skin types , since the technology adapts and solves the problem that your skin is presenting, in addition to effectively increasing the percentage of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin, obtaining healthy, cared for and rejuvenated skin .

3-. What benefits does it offer or what advantages over other techniques?

Including Exosomes in your routine has the following benefits :

1-. Direct action of the ingredients: thanks to the fact that exosomes, as a technology, encapsulate and transport specific active ingredients, we ensure that the cosmetic product releases the specific ingredient (collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.) in the deepest layers of the skin in a controlled and targeted manner. fur

2-. They promote cell regeneration: thanks to their content of lipids, proteins and nucleic acids, they promote skin renewal in addition to promoting the production of collagen and elastin naturally in the skin.

3-. Anti-inflammatory: Exosome is ideal for sensitive skin prone to inflammation since there are studies that have shown its anti-inflammatory action on the skin.

4-. Antioxidant: acts as a powerful skin antioxidant, helping to combat the action of free radicals and combating wrinkles and expression lines.

5-. Hydration: Exosome restores the skin's protective barrier and ensures its hydration, thus helping to reduce and combat skin problems caused by dehydration, dryness, rosacea, etc.

Are you ready to include it in your skincare routine very soon?

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