Do I have to exfoliate my skin every day? Do I use the toner only in the morning? Facial mask in your day or night routine? Keep reading! We will tell you what differences there are between the morning and night routine and our top tips!

Healthy and beautiful skin requires daily and, above all, constant care. It is important to apply a treatment adapted to your skin type and time of day. Let us begin!

Before talking about each step and the differences between the day and night routine, you should know that there are products with a specific formulation for their nighttime action.

Nighttime product formulas typically have a higher concentration of ingredients focused on cell regeneration, while daytime treatments have active ingredients that promote skin protection.



Cleansing oil is the first step in the Korean cosmetics routine. This type of cleanser removes all the dirt generated, among other things, by the use of products such as sunscreen or makeup, accumulated in the pores throughout the day.

TIP : You can include it only in your night routine, because when you wake up your face usually doesn't have as much dirt.

Water-based cleaner : Thanks to this step, water-based impurities are removed, such as sweat or different types of contaminating particles. We recommend including this type of products in your daily cleaning every morning. It is important to clean the skin after sleeping since impurities, sebum or dead cells always remain.

TIP: For a deeper clean, let the cleanser foam act for one minute. It will act inside the pores!


It is advisable to include this step only in your nighttime routine, unless you plan to spend a quiet day at home.

As it is a deeper cleansing, it is recommended to do it once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Remember that it can be an exfoliating product with microparticles that clean your skin by rubbing it with your hand or a peeling that eliminates dead cells due to the chemical action of its components.

TIP: Avoid sun exposure after exfoliating your skin because it could cause some irritation.


This step is very important! Don't skip it at any time of the day! Moisturizing the skin and balancing its PH is essential to keep it healthy.

TIP: Toners return the skin to its ideal state. In addition, they help the following products to be absorbed even better.


This product is the great secret of the Korean beauty routine and has a concentrate of active ingredients that multiply the results of the treatments applied afterwards.

If you have time, this product can be part of both routines.


They provide active ingredients to the skin that help in specific treatments, such as reducing dark circles, eliminating acne marks...

TIP: This is another product that you can use twice a day, unless its formulation is specific for the night. If you are only going to apply it once a day, we recommend that you do it at night as it has a high concentration of active ingredients that will be better absorbed while you sleep.


The eye contour area deserves special attention. Eye contour creams are formulated with active ingredients that are very effective, keep in mind that this area is usually the first where signs of aging are noticeable.

TIP: It can't be missing from your beauty routine day or night! Apply it before moisturizing cream. If you do it the other way around, a barrier is formed that prevents the skin from absorbing the eye contour well.


It is the crown jewel of our beauty routine. There are thousands of textures, smells and always depending on the type of skin you have and its needs. In addition, it is essential in any routine because it provides the necessary hydration and protects the skin from external factors.

TIP: We recommend using it both day and night. Although at night, depending on your skin's needs, you can replace it with a Sleeping Mask.


Remember! Protecting yourself from the sun all year round is one of the great secrets of Korean cosmetics. This step is for exclusive use in the daytime beauty routine.

TIP: Apply your sunscreen as the last step of the Korean routine and at least 30 minutes before leaving the house.


Do you want to give your skin extra nutrition at least a couple of times a week? We recommend that on those days you replace the moisturizing cream with a night facial mask. Remember that it all depends on what your skin needs at all times!

Our skin requires different nutrients throughout the day. For this reason, night-action formulas usually contain a greater amount of vitamins and nutrients that help improve the effects of nighttime mechanisms.

This type of mask is ideal for repairing damage accumulated during the day due to the action of UV rays, pollution, among other factors.

Have we clarified any of your doubts? It is important that you keep in mind that everything depends on the type of skin you have and its needs. Are you more into basic beauty routines for skin care?

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